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FREE DOWNLOAD - Business Men the Mixtape - Hosted by DJ White Owl
From the streets of 183rd in the Bronx. Amob Ent. and Mamawalbuks Inc. present, the Gang Starr affiliated, Business Men. They are the most talented rap group to come out of New York City. Their debut mixtape "Business Men the Mixtape" is a compilation of all original songs produced by classic producers such as Lord Finesse, Genghis, and the new talented producer BiG FranK. On this CD they bring back unity to New York by collaborating with artist such as Papoose and the Heatmakerz Rsonist. They even reach across the country to the west coast to do songs with Dr. Dre affiliated Crooked I, and Mistah FAB affiliated Kuzzo Fly from Oakland California. If your a true fan of real hip-hop this is a classic must-have mixtape for the streets.
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Squala Orphan - Unheard Cries - Hustlers Make Their Rounds
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Business Men
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